Yoga as a gift, as a gesture of love

Yoga is a thousand-year tradition and, even though, it is as contemporary as necessary. That’s why, and also as a result of my spiritual path, I have decided to leave the transaction model:

I just offer yoga sessions as a gift for the community and I trust.

Why’s that so? Because trust creates meaningful relations, because I am not a professional of yoga (even if I have a title, studies in Biology and a lot of experience). I am just a friend who can assist you in your yoga practice because I live the experience of yoga, I bring it into my life and I offer it with care.

And, how does it affect the practice? Well, after every session we hold a space to share doubts, suggestions or impressions and we learn collectively. You can also stay and have lunch or dinner: a home without guest is no home. We will treat you with affection, we are like you family! And, of course, we can not charge you; charging a family member would be so awful…

meditation man

How can you contribute? You can just come regularly to create community, enjoy your yoga practice and share your presence. There is also a little box where you can offer some money anonymously, but only if it comes from the heart! You can take some smile cards to practice karma-yoga: by using them you are contributing to the common good, an amazing way to contribute.

And, is this project profitable? Does it work? Well, indeed it is an experiment on radical generosity. Because it happens, it works, because it transforms people. Related to its profitability: that depends on you. I have just small expenses: low rent, food from a group of consumption and few things more. But, even though, I trust, I jump in the deep end. It is an act of love, an act of trust, free of expectations.

Finally, I want to apologize for the ads you will see below: it is the way wordpress uses to make money. Keep it in mind: do not let it influence your mind and keep a mindfulness and responsible consumption: let the spiritual values guide your life.